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Refrigerator Recessed or Custom panels

Category: Tendencias

Have you ever wondered, how can they hide a refrigerator in a kitchen? Here we explain the difference between recessed and custom panels

It is not a trend that refrigerators that are not seen in the kitchen have been implemented just in these years, but we have always seen them in programs where celebrities show us their home and especially their huge kitchens and you are surprised to see that several of their appliances are "hidden" or do not protrude from their space, well here we will tell you why and the difference of an integrated and custom panels appliance

Custom panels
This is basically whats its name for, the fornt of your refrigerators have the same design, color and appearance as the rest of the cabinet where it is placed, making it invisible to the naked eye and as part of the general design of the kitchen.


In the case of the recessed appliences, its adjustment is perfect in the space that has been allocated for it, whether it is a column-wine reseve- column system or a cellar under the countertop, there will be no empty spaces around it, however its aesthetics will be commonly stainless steel with glass door and you will know is there.

In the same way you can combine having a panelable refrigerator and a cellar under your built-in countertop, everything is according to your tastes and needs, Visit our section of Refrigerators and Cavas to know some of the models we have to include them in the design of your kitchen !

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Information collected in part from Luxsa and photographs of Sub zero, Miele

By Unserhaus


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