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What does a kids play room must have?

Category: Tendencias

Developing their skills while having fun, is the best combination to enhance your children grown, here is a list of everything you should consider when designing it

While your children's age doesn't matter, this list of spaces is 100% customizable to combine styles, themes, and pieces of safe and lasting furniture.

Decorated Walls

The minimalist style is in trend, but remember that colors and shapes help the best development during the child's growth, and they are also excellent for thematic rooms.

Blackboard on the wall

Let's accept it, children love to paint on the wall, and better be prepared to exploit that artist who has inside with pizzara spaces throughout the room or dedicated places for it.

Tables and chairs at their height

There is no better feeling for a child than to feel that he is in a space made especially for him, so tables and chairs at his height are a must in every room.

Toy storage spaces

How to solve the toy's problem all over the room? Many drawers!

Place to read

Encouraging children the joy of a good book starts at a young age and having a comfortable space in their room is ideal

Stairs / Slides

Whether their bed or playground is upstairs, your child will love to feel this in a very large place and if it is accompanied by a slide, How fun!

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